• Solo Exhibition at Patrick Painter Gallery 03/16/2019 and more!

    TBT Solo Exhibition at Patrick Painter Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 03/16/2019

    Current shows up:

    'Smoke, Sand, Stars In Your Eyes' w/ Lauren Taylor @ Versa Gallery, Chattanooga, TN up until 10/19/2018

    'Vivid Memories of a Blurred Past' group show @ Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta, GA, up until 12/15/2018

    'Extension' group show curated by Corkey Sinks @ Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, TN, 10/13/2018 - 01/13/2019

  • Review in Art in America Magazine

    Pick up a copy of the September (2018) issue of Art in America to see a review written about my solo show Earthbound at Elephant Gallery. Written by Laura Hutson.


  • upcoming activity...summer 2018

    featured DailyArt on https://www.davidluskgallery.com/

    LAND AND SEA international group exhibition at StoveWorks in Chattanooga, TN
    curated by Mike Calway-Fagen and Daniel Fuller

    Vivid Memories of a Blurred Past at the Atlanta Contemporary Atlanta, GA
    August 27 - December 2018

    TBA with Lauren Taylor at Versa Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
    October 5-29, 2018

  • Solo show at Elephant Gallery, May 18, 2018

    I will be having a solo show at the Elephant Gallery in Nashville, TN on May 18, 2018.

  • Upcoming shows...

    October 20 - Clusters with Benji Anderson at Good Enough, ATL

    November 9 - Rice, Beans, & Incense at the Atlanta Contemporary, ATL

    February 3 - Together, Let's Change Our Names with Terry Thacker & Matt Christy
    at the Silo Room in Track One, Nashville TN.

  • BURNAWAY Interview


  • Upcoming solo exhibition at Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville, TN

    I’m So Glad I Got My Own (Natural High) ​is a show of work that has been made over the past year that includes experimental approaches to painting and materials using intuitive processes that reference tantric art in India, musical influences such as Sun Ra, Genesis P-Orridge and Curtis Mayfield, and alchemical possibilities in colors, materials, and repeating forms. The exhibition’s title is a reference to Curtis Mayfield’s No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song):

    I've met many people over the years
    And in my opinion I have found that
    People are the same everywhere
    They have the same fears
    Shed similar tears
    Die in so many years

    The oppressed seem to have suffered the most
    In every continent - coast to coast
    Now our lives are in the hands of The Pusherman
    We break it all down
    In hopes that you might understand
    Don't make no profit for The Man
    I'm so glad I've got my own

    So glad that I can see
    My life's a natural high
    The man can't put no thing on me
    I'm so glad I've got my own
    So glad that I can see
    My life's a natural high
    The man can't put no thing on me

    There's somethin' kinda funny
    How The Man take your money
    He's shrewd as he can be
    In such a way you'll never see
    It's a terrible thing inside

    When your natural high has died
    The weaker turn to dope
    And put all aside their hope

    Twinkling twinkling grains
    They do all sorts of things
    While your inner mind is pleased
    Your conscience is only teased...

    More and more you feed
    Until you grow another need
    Playing fantasy
    You have no reality


    Sit down and take a listen
    This may be something that you're missin'
    I know your mind
    You want it funky
    But you don't have to be no junkie


    Sure is funky
    Sure is funky
    I ain't no junkie
    I ain't no junkie
    Sure is funky
    Sure is funky
    I ain't no junkie
    I ain't no junkie
    I'm so glad I've got my own
    So glad that I can see...


  • solo exhibition: HUM

    I have a solo exhibition called HUM that is on view at the Browsing Room in the downtown Presbyterian church on 5th Ave N in Nashville, TN. It can be viewed on weekdays from 9-4pm. The show is open until May 26, 2017.

  • exhibitions: ongoing and upcoming

    Currently as a part of the mild climate collective we have a show at The Mausoleum at ZieherSmith in NYC. The show is open until February 4, 2017.



    On February 4 we will be showing a solo exhibition of work from April Bachtel called Objects Talk at mild climate.

    In March I will have 3 paintings in a group show called EXPO 36 at the bj spoke gallery in Long Island, NY.
    The show was curated by Jennifer Harris from the MoMA

    In April I will be having a solo show at the Browsing Room in Nashville, TN.
    The show is called HUM and will feature all new work.

  • Paper Mind (November 12 - December 31, 2016)

    I currently have a solo show up in my basement gallery called Paper Mind.
    My basement gallery is called the Bijan Ferdowsi Gallery, named after my landlord.
    The show will be up from November 12 to December 31, 2016.
    Anyone can make an appointment to come visit at anytime, just email me to set up a time and date: dhanderson@watkins.edu

    Paper Mind:

    when the mind is blank
    like a new piece of paper
    anything can be written or drawn or folded
    the sunlight can cast a new color on the paleness
    and illuminate paper potential
    put inside me a tea candle
    and fold me into a paper lantern
    i want to rest in your darkness
    and light up your world

    Paper Mind is a solo exhibition of new work by David Onri Anderson that primarily involves paintings that reflect on the unity of stillness and motion of the hand and mind as it makes an image or object that can become a space as well as inhabit a space. The paintings create opportunities to observe subtleties of surface, color relationship, and form as a space, as well as a depiction of a mental space in the form of a painted surface. Abstraction and representation undulate as the paintings can be read both as an abstract space and as a depiction of an image, such as a paper lantern, snowman, or apple core. The work as a whole cultivates a meditative quality to encourage a mindset of serenity and contemplation in an ever changing city where change and development can create problems as well as opportunities for locals and visitors.

  • August 6, 2016

    the grass outside keeps growing

    as surely as the sun makes a day

    a day moon

    hardly seen and silver

    clouded, green under the shade

    another day

    been going to the lake a lot

    august 6, 2016

  • July 26, 2016

    mild climate is holding a solo exhibition for Vancouver based artist Barry Doupé on August 6th through September 3rd.

    I and the other mild climate curators Mika Agari, Jessica Clay, Zack Rafuls and artists David King and Christian Vistan will be showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta, Georgia on August 27th for two months.

  • Upcoming Activity (June 19, 2016)

    mild climate is hosting a group show on July 2nd called Triple Stilt, featuring work by Trisha Holt, Allison Wade, Hamlett Dobbins & Tad Lauritzen-Wright.

    From June 11 - July 29, I am in a group exhibition entitled Blueprint held at TSU, curated by Jonathan Lisenby. There will be a reception held in the beginning of July.